Needed: One Yardarm and 4 Lengths of Line

US commandos capture 4 suspected pirates in raid

Anti-piracy officials say U.S. commandos have captured four suspected pirates who boarded a Japanese-owned oil tanker off the coast of Oman.

A statement by the international anti-piracy task force says the 24 crew members on the MV Guanabara took refuge in a protected part of the vessel after reporting they were under attack Saturday.

A special unit from the destroyer USS Bulkeley boarded the tanker Sunday and detained the suspected pirates about 328 nautical miles southeast of Duqm in southern Oman.


  1. I’d prefer 1 round of .50 BMG through a stack of 4, though it may have to go to 2 x 2.

    ISTR a bit of the Constitution allowing Congress to issue Letters of Marque and Reprisal. If the nation-states won’t put those hulls (and crew) on the bottom, issue the Letters (we never signed the Convention against Privateers, so we’re not breaking any Treaty obligations) and let the private sector get busy with it.

  2. DAmn, Ned! I’m down for some of that! Let’s buzz up our Reps and Senators………..we need to get this up and running soon, before they run out of pirates! I got dibs on the parret, and we should use a submarine as our buccaneer boat! w00t!

  3. So do these Letters of Marque and Reprisal apply to US citizens only, or could we open up the game to non-US citizens too?

    If the latter, it would seem pretty cheap and easy to put bounties on pirate’s heads, and then encourage them to turn against each other. Based on the way outlaws typically operate, there HAS to be some potential crips/bloods type mentally here that can be exploited.

    Just make it more profitable for them to kidnap/kill other pirates than to capture other ships, then crank up the ATM……

    1. Since there’s not a single Supreme Court case that discusses Marque and Reprisal, who knows?

  4. I’m all for issuing some Letters of Marque, since it’s still in the Constitution. Time to open up pirate-catching to corporate profiteers again!

    Either that, or start sending some Q-ships to Somalian waters …

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