200th Friday Linkzookery – 11 Mar 2011

This is the 200th installment of Linkzookery here on MO.

Navy sends 8 ships to provide tsunami relief
Includes carrier USS Reagan and assault ship USS Essex.

Earthquake Didn’t Damage Fleet in Japan: U.S. Navy
No damage to ships (including the carrier USS George Washington which was in port) and no serious damage to installations.

Obama says noose is tightening on Gadhafi
Seems like a strange thing to say by someone who isn’t doing much of anything about it.

Gadhafi Bombs Rebels While NATO Planes ‘Monitor’
The rebels are sure glad people are monitoring things.

NATO split over Libya intervention
France and the UK are for it. Germany is opposed. The US seems to have no clear idea what it should do. Wait. FRANCE is for it?

Gadhafi forces show control of key Libyan city
Looks like Gadhafi’s forces control Zawiya.

U.S. intel chief says Gadhafi will prevail
The whole thing seemed a bit shaky from the start and now with no one really doing anything to help (well, besides monitoring) the rebels could find themselves in trouble. Let’s hope not.

Obama says noose is tightening on Gadhafi
I’m just repeating this one because the previous few links might make you wonder.

Wis. governor officially cuts collective bargaining

Marines M16A4
Training aboard the USS Germantown (LSD 42). The Germantown is one of the ships headed to Japan.

Lawsuit claims Army helicopter is unsafe
Well, on a certain level, all helicopters are unsafe. Families of men killed in an OH-58D Kiowa crash in Iraq are suing.

Obama restarts Guantanamo trials
I thought it was moral urgency of the fiercest kind that we shut this place down.

More 200th Linkzookery below!

Assassinations Up 588 Percent in Afghan Province
That’s not good. (Analysis provided for free.)

Don’t bolt from Afghanistan, Gates asks allies
Gonna be rats from a sinking ship.

TSA Overstates Costs of Private Alternatives
What? You mean when a government agency publishes a report about the cost of private firms putting them out of work they might misrepresent things? Inconceivable.

Union Protests in Indiana
Union leaders predicted up to 25,000 would protest at the Indiana Statehouse today. Instead, about 8,000 did. And many of those were bussed in from out of state.

Army reprimands 9 officers in Hood shooting
Thank goodness THAT issue has been solved.

Obama silent as liberals make death threats
Email explains to Republican senators in Wisconsin why they AND THEIR FAMILIES will be killed. All of those who were crying about the hate-filled political rhetoric that “caused” the Tuscon shootings fail to notice.

Righthaven accuses defendant of running up legal fees in copyright case
An organization who’s mode of operation is to legal fee others out of business is crying because they’re getting high legal fees. Murdoc’s crying his fucking eyes out.

US Orders 2845 more Humvees

Fact-checking Watergate advice that ‘worked’
Most of America learns history from the movies. Hollywood movies. That’s almost as bad as learning it in public school.

10 dangerous ways to amuse yourself
Someone using that Taser look-alike is going to get himself shot.


  1. In the chopper story , the reporter refers to “Full Authority Digital Electronic Control”. This is more likely to be “Full Authority Digital Engine Control”, which, as a term, has been around for 40 years.


    1. One reason. And, there are tons of North African Muslims in France. The French don’t want more refugees showing up – so a nice, free Libya is in their interests.

      It doesn’t really matter what the French or the Germans want. Look at the map. Any no-fly zone would be based in Sicily and Crete. Without the Italians and Greeks – nothing is going to happen.

  2. Interesting to note that despite noise from some of our allies about imposing the Libyan no fly zone; none ’em have put one into effect. I’m always alittle leary of people (and contries) whose idea of helping out someone (country) in dire need of it; by yelling, “OMG……….that’s terrible, someone else do something!!!!” Being the first to yell that……….now THAT’S a real sign of leadership! LOL!

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