Gas Prices

What? The big gas strike yesterday didn’t bring the oil companies to their knees?

Murdoc is shocked. It’s always worked so well the past forty-seven times it’s been tried. And it makes perfect economic sense. No reason to think that the next time won’t be a total success.

Anyway, here’s a gas prices temperature map from

Gas Prices by County

Gas Prices by County

I don’t think I’ve posted one since January of 2010, but Murdoc is shocked again by the fact that most of the high-price states today were the high-price states a year ago. Though he’s pleased that Michigan is not bright red like it was in May 2009.


  1. I love how when I drive across the border from California into Nevada the gas prices immediately drop by a significant amount even though their gas comes from OUR REFINERIES. They don’t have ridiculous environmental standards to blend their fuel to, or exorbitant gas taxes. This state is such a massive joke.

    My old boss had a big ford turbo diesel F-350 monster for his work truck. But it actually got decent mileage, 22 mpg or so. One day he had to take it to the shop for a recall, and unbeknowst to him, they moded the computer to comply with emissions standards (I believe cal standards, though I’m not sure). End result, he now gets five mpg less than he did before, but hey, at least it emits a few less parts per million of crud. Sure, he might have to burn twenty percent more fuel to go the same distance, but its all close enough for government work.

    1. In our defense, there are 21 gas refineries in CA, and only 1 in NV. That is considerably greater environmental stress on our waters, forests, and fields; also the health of almost 37 million people vs Nevada’s 2.6 million.

      Also, people don’t visit California for the vast barren desert, mining, prostitutes and gambling…so via taxes and regulations we protect what people visit and immigrate to California for: fishable coastal and inland waters, verdant forests, agriculture, nice regular climate, Hollywood…wait.

      Well it’s still worth the extra buck.

  2. Interesting that the central mountain states and Jersey are the chepest. With the things the Obamanation is trying to control and shouldn’t…… would be nice if his administration would impose a single national gasoline refining standard for refineries to meet. That and remove eco and other impediments to refinery construction, oh yea ……….and reduce the bloated federal governments gas tax (in MI the state gas tax is even higher than the feds).

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