Murdoc hasn’t been able to keep up with what’s going on over in Japan, but he just heard that another strong quake hit them. Keep them, everyone else in the path of danger, and those who go in to help in your prayers.


  1. Too much to digest. A nuke plant is out and an oil refinery is on fire. The aftershock was a 6.6, which is roughly 1/100 the strength of the 8.9. At least it’s not hurricane season too.

    On the Left Coast… it was low tide when the Tsunami hit, so damage was minimized to those who own poorly moored boats in vulnerable marinas.

    1. Update on the Left Coast. One fatality:
      “(CNN) …The fatality was reported in northern California’s Del Norte County, where a 25-year-old man was declared dead Friday afternoon after being swept out to sea off a beach while trying to photograph the tsunami’s arrival, said Joey Young, a spokesman for the county’s emergency operations center.”

      He was standing on a sand bar. Which is like to photograph an oncoming train while standing on the tracks.

      1. There’s always at least a few. Friend told me that there were people out in their boats on San Fran bay trying to do I don’t know what this morning.

        1. It’s actually ‘safer’ being out in relatively open water than near the shore. Less strange currents and debris.

  2. Stupid Obama is sending aircraft carriers. I mean, what good could those floating cities POSSIBLY do in a disaster.

    (At least I’m waiting to hear him get attacked for that stupidity like Bush did. I’m sure it’s coming.)

    1. Do you know how much purified water an Air Carrier can provide?!? That’s processing sea water!
      Do you know how much electricity and Air Craft Carrier can supplly?!?
      Do you know how an aircraft carrier is a floating hospital?!?
      Do you an aircraft carrier can be an air trafic contraller, and that’s just using their Hawkeye’s.
      Do you know that all those helicopters can fly in water, food, and personel anywhere the need requires.
      That’s just scratching the surface, that was one for dumbest statements I’ve heard in a long time.

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