Friday Linkzookery – 25 Mar 2011

NATO takes on part of Libya mission from U.S.
So when will the NATO ships and planes arrive to take the place of the American ships and planes?

Limitations keep F-22 from use in Libya ops
Raptor likely benched due to its inability to communicate with other coalition aircraft and its limited ability to hit ground targets, analysts said.

The One Campaign Promise Obama Has Kept
They said they wanted to raise gasoline prices, and they’ve done it. Their target is to reach the levels in Europe, which has recently been reported as about $9.70 a gallon.

Gates Details $13.6B in DoD Cuts
Pentagon to shed hundreds of civilian jobs, more than 1,000 contractors and as many as 140 generals and admirals.

Feds: Former Marines caught uniformed illegals
Border Patrol agent who had served in teh USMC wasn’t fooled by illegal immigrants trying to sneak in as US Marines.

Navy vessel named for 9/11 to be christened
USS Arlington (LPD 24) will join USS New York (LPD 21) and USS Somerset (LPD 25) as San Antonio-class amphibs named for 9/11 sites.

ATF let hundreds of U.S. weapons fall into hands of suspected Mexican gunrunners
Oops. They’ll now use this as a reason why they need to crack down on gun purchasers.

New York man faces five years in jail for ‘linking’ to online videos
Not for making illegal videos. Not for hosting illegal videos. For LINKING to illegal videos.

On April 1, U.S. Is #1 (World’s Highest Corporate Tax Rate)
Stupid big businesses not hiring more people and charging too much for their stuff.

DOD Issues Stop Work Order on the JSF F136 Extra Engine Program
Pulling the plug on the second F-35 engine.

America’s Navy and the rise of China
George F. Will on the state of things.

Iowa Guard in Afghanistan: Odd sanctuary provides safety
Forward Operating Base Gardez, Afghanistan

Battleship Power Plant Program
Chance for a special tour of the USS North Carolina (BB 55). Sounds sort of like the Hard Hat Tour of the USS Texas (BB 35) that Murdoc went on a few years back.

Diet Coke Wins Battle in Cola Wars
Diet Coke is now the #2 selling carbonated beverage after Coca-Cola.

Pastor loses job after questioning hell’s existence
Defended book which claims everyone, regardless of their faith or lack thereof, will go to Heaven.


  1. Yay! A Friday linkzookery!

    That F-22 story irks me. Excuse my language, and I don’t think I have ever used this term before, and this is not meant to be racist, but: niggah please!

    Why would anybody send a $100 million fighter into a situation where every potential threat could be handled by a 20 year old A/F jet, with one wizzo tied behind its back?

    Weaknesses of the F-22 my ass.

    1. Murdoc is of 2 minds on this.

      A) We shouldn’t be risking the F-22 in this scenario. We don’t have many.

      B) It would be nice to actually use it in a real scenario so we can learn and improve it.


      C) Every time we do use OTHERS will learn and improve their countermeasures.

  2. Agreed the the f-22 has no need to be in Libya, but….. What do you mean it can’t communicate with other planes…. Say we actually had a war with someone who had an air force, in theory there would be the rest of the air force up there. Should’t the F-22 be able to communicate with someone else? Right now it seems like it’s all set for the cylon invasion, as the computer virus will hit only the link16’s leaving the raptors all alone…

    1. Also, I call BS on the Obama-Gas Price-Promise thing. Gas production is at a 7 year high, there are millions of acres available fordrilling knowing left undrilled by the drillers. The most significant long term factor has been world-wide demand. The rate of demand increase is outpacing the rate of production increase.

      If we want prices to go down, drive less.

      Politifact shows 134 clearly kept Obama campaign promises, and 40 clearly broken, 41 Compromised, 70 Stalled, and 219 In-The-Works, 2 unrated. That’s much more than just 1.

    1. I am NEVER sure…though rumor has it that the ‘hogs will come out soon, possibly along with actually arming the rebels…where is Rick Blaine?!

      1. An alternative would be to buy-out the contracts of Gadhafi’s mercenaries. Or do both.

        Or, to adhere to the advice of the Founders and not intervene.

  3. As I said in another post, stay out, stay out, stay out! He’s a rotten oppressive thug, who’s killing and beating up his own people. How’s that different than the other 100+ locations around the world where that’s taking place? We’re not doing anything about them, yet Libya is a big deal. How so? If the Euros, or anyone else feel strongly enough about it, then let them handle it. We’re already strapped with two ongoing wars and a world presence that’s still second to none.

    Unless the Obamamnation want’s to come down with a bad case of truthitess, and tell us he needs to pass a DoD specific tax to increase the military by 50% and put all the necessary modernization programs on track with EFFECTIVE monentary and development controls/timelines, we don’t have the military resources to waste on doing something the Libyan people whould be doing for themselves with assistance from all those who think it’s important and think they should be in front for a change. More power to ’em!

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