Obama 2x as Unilateral as Bush

Fact: Bush Had 2 Times More Coalition Partners in Iraq Than Obama Has in Libya


    1. Touche.

      I find it fascinating watching the left making the same arguments that they vilified and tore apart the right for eight years ago. Their main justification seems to be that this time there is some sort of international agreement, a la the UN and the Arab League (depending on which day it is).

      I was naive enough to think that we could bring freedom to an Arab country. A lot of Americans died to accomplish the fragile compromise that is Iraq, and I don’t want to do it again. The culture over there is a total mess, and it is not our business to try to fix. Put the money into nuclear power and renewed energy exploration and let’s put ourselves on a path to get out of that part of the world for good.

      1. While I disagree with -some- of what you say, I am tired so I address the last bit. Until we got off the oil addiction we are stuck with the mideast, no matter how much we explore for more, ’cause it is an internationally traded commodity. Nuclear energy (for electric vehicles) is better in this regard, but mostly has more problems than it is worth, without even going into the necessary materials. imo ZZZzzz…

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