The new Bush ads discussed on Nonplussed

Like Father Like Son

Ed Thibodeau at Nonplussed pointed out the new Bush TV spot and compared it to the bad old Willie Horton spot.

I don’t agree completely with the analogy, but I also don’t agree that political TV spots usually make their candidate look good. They seem to be designed to make their guy look “less bad” than the other guy, and I imagine that most ads alienate 99 people for every 100 people that they impress. And I’m always one of the 99.

Go check out Nonplussed’s post at the link above. He and I have a little back-and-forth in the comments section, and several good points are made, I think. Let him know what you think, as well. He’s a Lib/Dem Left Coaster, but besides that he seems okay…

Just kidding, Ed. Mostly.