1. Using a 500b Paveway II just to plink a single tank seems REALLY excessive, but since I’m not the one footing the bill for the RAF, I really can’t complain.

    However, how can we definitively tell if that tank belonged to Qadaffi, or the Rebels?

    1. We pioneered that in Desert Storm. F-111s and F-15Es with Pave Spike and LANTIRN pods carrying about a dozen 500-pounders would fly around and just pick tanks off one by one. Very effective. I think it came about because we had a big stockpile of older-generation 500lb Paveways and not a whole lot of targets that we could effectively use them on.

  2. “However, how can we definitively tell if that tank belonged to Qadaffi, or the Rebels?”

    Honestly Blacktail,

    Does it really matter?

  3. Hmm. I dunno. That looked kind of like a bomb. I’m calling shenanigans on the RAF saying it was a typhoon.

    Plus, the RAF are known liars. They once had a plane called the spitfire, but really it just spit metal.

    Typhoon my a@#.

  4. No vote from Congress on the Lybian situation 11 Bravo….

    It’s all Bush’s fault for getting the U.S. into this illegal war!

    1. Bush did a hell of a lot of damage to this country, but we really can’t blame this one on him. I just thought with the Tea Party folks and other conservatives expressing their love of the Constitution, carrying around copies of it, reading passages at meetings, etc., that once elected they might just take their Constitutional responsibilities seriously. Hell even if they voted to approve the Libyan War, which I think unnecessary, I’d be satisfied that they performed their duty.

  5. 11 Bravo,

    ***I was being sarcastic.***

    Dubya’s one of my favorite people.

    Can’t say the same for his replacement!

  6. I loath W’s replacement, really really get tied up in knots thinking about him and his media lackeys, ugh.

    Regarding the Spitfire, I think a little bit of fire came out with the metal, muzzle flashy type of burning powder stuff.

    But your right, it may have been more accurate to call it an RAF “spits a bad day at you” or “projectile vomits unfriendly chemical and kinetic reactions at you all fast and unforgiving” but they tend not to roll off of the tongue that well…

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