Jay Tea on the Release of Obama’s Birth Certificate

This might be the single greatest service Trump has ever done his nation, and we owe him our thanks.

For years they’ve been letting this issue carry on. And suddenly they changed their minds.

Never mind that I thought this document was not releasable or lost or didn’t exist or whatever crap we’ve been hearing for years. Suddenly there it is. Maybe.

(Did someone check to see if the font matches Microsoft Word’s default settings?)

I recently had a conversation where I said I wasn’t really a fan of Donald Trump and wouldn’t support a run for president, but that I would welcome him running and forcing some of the regulars to “toe the line” and “stop talking out of their asses.” I particularly meant the Republicans, but, if he wants to help cut through some of Obama’s bullshit too, Murdoc ain’t about to argue.

Of course, this is just going to take the birther thing to a new level. But the fact that the administration felt the need to do this now isn’t insignificant.

UPDATE: Instapundit points out that Trump is now talking gas prices. Murdoc likes it.


  1. I think ‘go the Don’,at least he knows how to make money. Notice how his hair is like the other Don, Don King?

  2. I was never a Trump fan until Apprentice hit the air. He’s one hell of a character.

    If it was him versus Obama, he would get my vote, hands down.

  3. Trump is definitely a character, but he has some good stances that puts him at odds with what passes for mainstream republicans. Namely, he realizes that the US cannot lose its manufacturing base, become dependent upon foreigners and still hope to be a prosperous independent nation. And he doesn’t appear to have swallowed the neocons’ foreign policy of perpetual war. Now, if he takes a hard stance on immigration, I’ll be in heaven.

    1. I agree with that assessment 100%.

      I worry a bit because he has been an advocate of gun control in the past.

      Maybe he’ll flip flop there. He is not a dummy.

  4. Although I like his style,

    There’s definitely ONE reason that would see me vote for “The Donald”.

    A week-end in a secluded spot with his daughter: Ivanka!

  5. Obama=incompetant, weak, lacks necessary gravitas & executive skills


    Trump=blow hard, self aggrandizing, ego maniac, opportunist (long term liberal financial contributer; now he’s a Republican candidate).

    Nuff said.

  6. Trump is all what you said, but you need a guy with a certain swagger and personality to win the office. Truth be told, the candidate whom I’d most support, who was telling us four years ago the problems we are facing today, is unelectable because he just doesn’t have the necessary charisma. I will leave it to fellow readers to figure out whom I’m talking about.

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