Umm, What?

Headline: Scattered al-Qaida needs ‘miracle’ to recover

Maybe, but not because of the killing of Osama bin Laden.

Unless OBL has been heavily involved in the day-to-day operations of the organization for the past decade while being so far off the radar that fore than a few thought him dead since 2001 or 2002, the actual direct impact here on the al Qaeda organization is going to small.

If they’re “scattered,” it’s because of the past nine and a half years of military, intelligence, and covert operations against them and their allies, not because of this (obviously significant) deletion of an inspirational figurehead.

Someone told me that Oprah tweeted “Does this mean the war’s over?” I hope that’s not true.

To be honest, Murdoc’s a little mystified by the pictures of jubilation in the streets. Are those for real? Are people really running around high-fiving and cheering and dancing over this?

This should be taken like a home run hit in the top of the fifth inning of a close baseball game. Get up and cheer. Then get back to business. It ain’t over, and it might not even be close to over.

What this could afford us is the opportunity to take a long, hard, honest look at what’s going on in Afghanistan/Pakistan and make some decisions about the direction we’re going to head and the goals we’re going to pursue. Murdoc’s been skeptical since Day One that any efforts to nation build in Afghanistan were going to be truly successful and nothing in the past nine years has changed that opinion. In fact, the belief that there is no worthy end point in that desolate pit grows stronger by the week.

We need to keep fighting the war. But perhaps we can shift gears.

UPDATE: Incidentally, I don’t believe Official: Bin Laden buried at sea

Oh, I believe we SAID we buried him at sea. And I understand the desire to not inflame the sensibilities of others further.

But burying him at sea sounds like something from a comic book or James Bond movie. You know, things that have to remain open-ended for the next installment.

We’re going to have to prove he’s dead for at least a couple of generations.


  1. BBC and CBS reported that the Saudi’s were offered the body but refused. It would be hard to see who else would want it and run the risk of becoming a mecca for any crazies who want to honour him. The whole ‘no known resting place’ like with Hitler, makes sense; even if we do have to put up with the inevitable conspiracy theories!

  2. The burial at sea thing is a real buzzkill. It wasn’t as though I was really pumped given that it has taken over 9 years to get him, and we’ve started and not finished two or three wars in the process. But showing PC sensibilities for this guy is beyond belief.

    From our gunslinger days in the old west through the 1920s gangsters, whenever law enforcement got their <a href=""Dillinger or Baby Face Nelson, they always photographed the corpse on a slab. Bin Laden ain’t special and he should have gotten the same treatment.

    1. I saw that on Blackfive. I loled. The “simulated” expenditure of ammunition made me laugh the most.

      1. One of my Taiwanese co-workers sent me the link. I’m amazed how tuned in they are to our way of life.

        The only improvement I could think of would have been to have the SEALs slit Osama’s throat with a box cutter.

        But I’m a romantic with stuff like that…..

        1. Of course… the seals should have slit his throat with a box cutter. Why didn’t they think of that?

  3. Given our massive debt, the impending economic impact of $4 gasoline, and now the news of OBL’s death, do any readers of this blog still think this request from DoD in February is worth it? If yes, how are we supposed to pay for it?

    The budget request includes $107 billion for continuing operations in Afghanistan, down from $113 billion in the fiscal 2011 budget. Of the $107 billion, $12.8 billion is requested to grow, train, and equip Afghanistan’s army and its national police force.

    1. Tough to say. An oft mentioned reason why we are in this mess now is that after the the Russians were kicked out, the US stopped supporting (ie Nation Building) the Afghans. So if we bug out now, what happens 10-15 years later? Same crap as 2001?

      1. If America still had the same population demographics and European-centric immigration policy of pre-1965, 9-11 would never have happened regardless of whatever was taking place in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran or wherever. There is no way those Saudis could have come to this country, overstayed their visas and traipsed around like they owned the place. For all that is taking place in Afghanistan, the only threat to us occurs when one of those dirtbags applies for a visa and is welcomed to the USA with open arms.

        Just check out the federal government’s diversity visa lottery program which distributes 50K visas per year to those who reside in countries that haven’t quite yet managed to unload their populations onto us. It’s like a consolation prize for nations that feel Mexico has an unfair advantage for sharing a border with us.

        1. 20-20 hindsight is easy; and I don’t think America is willing to go back to Jim Crow days. The issue is what is the right thing to do now. My best though so far is to see if the borders in such risky nations could be redrawn to make them stronger and thus able to fend off corruption and violence etc. The borders are currently drawn to Old Colonial European desires to keep them weak; which doesn’t work so well in the globalized world we live in now.

          1. It is not just 20-20 hindsight. It is happening as we speak. After 45 years of unprecedented immigration and population replacement, it continues unabated. Do we really need to continue the diversity lotto? With 9 percent unemployment why on earth would we continue to take in almost 2 million legal and illegals per year? So don’t think this is just a hindsight thing. It is current.

            As for Jim Crow, I don’t the see connection between the treatment of blacks during segregation and whether or not we should import muslims and become part of latin america. Are you suggesting that the only way to give blacks civil rights was to open the US up to the rest of the world? I see the two issues as separate. Blacks could have attained civil rights without the population transformation that took place.

            Also, I don’t think so called Jim Crow America was that bad. She became the most successful republic on earth, helped win the 2 largest wars in history, helped counter the communist threat, sent men to the moon and back, and provided the greatest standard of living to the greatest number of her citizens probably in world history.

            That 10% of her population did not have equal rights to the rest should not diminish her accomplishments, nor should it have condemned her to her current fate.

          2. My Jim Crow remark might be a tad misplaced, so heres a little different tack: A century ago, nativists were complaining about the Irish and other European immigrants (the very folk you have lauded) with the exact same sentiment you have just displayed. Some time from now Americans will look back to now fondly on their latin and arab immigrant ancestors while bemoaning the latest immigrant migration from wherever.

  4. I love how we can fly into a country and violate their airspace and whack a compound without telling them and launch a raid with zero permission, but can’t release a photo (dead Osama) because it might make them (Muslims) mad.

    Not to worry, Wikileaks will have it posted in a couple of days. Julian Assange is working on it now.

      1. Actually, the same slackness that allows Seals to go in and kill OBL an get out again, allowed OBL to set up house there in the first place. Pakistan has its good and bad points.

  5. I do not agree with the idea that our immigration policy should be Euro (or any other ethinic group) centric. Legal immimigration and citizenship should be guided by and enforced to a single set of objective, fair, and consistent standards.

    Don’t get me started on ilegal immigration; we’ll be here all day.

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