eBay: Imaginary Foreign Leader Endorsement

Caught in a Presidential race lie? I’ll cover for you!

Via a reader:

If you want to make a current president jealous, look better in front of your political buddies who have real foreign relations experience, or if you are just a liar who got called out on your bogus campaign lies, this is the auction for you!!! I’ll pretend that I am the leader of a foreign nation that supports your candidacy for President of the United States until the elections in November.

This is actually MORE sleazy than the Imaginary Girlfriends that you can find on eBay. (And don’t tell me you haven’t checked them out.) But it’s all in good fun. And, since it’s political, anything goes, right?

For the record, I don’t know that I believe a certain cadidate (I don’t want to emabarrass anyone, so I won’t mention John Kerry by name) actually LIED about support from foreign leaders. Like many claims by Bush, this is an issue that can be proven right or wrong. This isn’t an opinion or speculation. This is fact. Either some international leaders voiced their support for this certain candidate or they didn’t. I don’t think the certain candidate or his campaign would make such a bald-faced, outright lie. At least not if it can be proven one way or the other.

What I think probably happened is that foreign leaders HAVE mentioned that they support this certain candidate. The reason that this certain candidate won’t name names is that the foreign leaders are not ones who the American public puts much stock in. Chirac, for instance. Putin, maybe. Aristide, before his kidnapping, could be one. And of course everyone’s favorite nuclear-powered dictator madman.

If you check that link, you’ll see that I said

I don’t expect we’ll be hearing about this on [certain candidate]’s campaign trail.

Now, I’m very willing to believe that the certain candidate could have the bad judgment to use this endorsement. I may have misundersestimated him completely.


  1. Not really a lie anymore. The incoming Spanish Prime Minister has endorced Kerry… And of course, he has also burried his head in the sand.