Friday Linkzookery – 27 May 2011

Last World War I combat veteran dies at 110
Australian Claude Stanley Choules joined the battleship HMS Revenge in 1917.

Spring to test U.S. strategy in Afghanistan
We’ll see if the drawdown really begins this summer as scheduled.

Mars Exploration Rover Spirit Laid To Rest
Quite a run for the rover that landed in 2004. Hadn’t been heard from since March of 2010. Opportunity continues to function.

House passes $690 billion defense bill
Lots of attempts, some successful, to add requirements for the war schedule to the budget.

All Starbucks, all the time.

Free NYPD Pizza For The Troops On Memorial Day!
Good stuff.

First aircraft in phase one of Block 40/45 modification completed ahead of schedule
Upgrading the electronics of the E-3 Sentry AWACS planes.

Thunderbirds to perform first demo with alternative fuel
The team will fly with Camelina-based hydrotreated renewable jet fuel.


  1. Sad too see the passing of the last of the WW I generation. We had a WWI Vet living kitty corner across the street from my folks place when I was a kid. Real nice guy; walked at least 5 miles a day, rain or shine, to maintain his health as he only had about 2/3 of one lung due to poison gas during the war. Didn’t really mean much to me at the time, being a kid and all; now that I understand the ramifications and symptomology of being “gassed”………I can’t imagine what a genuinely horrible, ******, and traumatic an experience that must have been for all the soldiers, and civvies that were subjected to it.

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