Unruly Yemeni

Man banging on plane’s cockpit door subdued by passengers, crew

Flight attendants and passengers subdued an unruly passenger and put him in handcuffs as an American Airlines flight was approaching San Francisco, police said.

Sgt. Michael Rodrigues, of San Francisco police, said the passenger was banging on the cockpit door and shouting unintelligibly on Flight 1561 from Chicago when he was wrestled down and put in plastic handcuffs.

There have been a couple of other odd incidents on airlines. Coincidence?


  1. Yah, left out of most reports was the fact that he was screaming “Alhau Ackbar” or however you spell “Alah is Great” in Arabic. “Athorities have no motive at this time”

    Cause they are stupid!

  2. Yea, if you want to attract attention in a plane full of Americans………….I think jumping up, yelling Allah Akhbar, and jitter bugging in an excited manner is a pretty good way to do it. Good on the other passengers, in this case!!

  3. After nearly 400 years of a primarily Protestant, European culture which achieved previously unknown levels of wealth, freedom and technological advancements, what possible reason would America have to import people from Yemen?

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