No Shirts, No Service

Westwood track coach fired after boys run shirtless


Boys track coach Tom Davis was fired and escorted off the property at the high school on Friday.

Davis said the incident was about members of his team practicing without a shirt.

Davis, who was in the middle of his second year with the outdoor team, said he first heard about complaints about running shirtless a couple weeks ago and that Westwood High athletic director Karl Fogel told him that the administration was discussing the issue and that there was no rule against it, but that there were people who did not want them running shirtless.

The team was undefeated under Davis. They lost their first meet without him.

If the boys’ team is required to run in shirts, I wonder what the girls’ team is required to run in.


  1. Damn, I was hoping he WAS the girls track coach. That would definitely help boost attendance at the events.

  2. geez,

    When I was in high school we played basketball during our phys-ed classes.

    The way they identified members of the two teams was: shirts vs. no shirts.

    No complaints then.

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