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NATO: Afghan policeman kills 2 service members

The two were mentoring an Afghan National Civil Order brigade and were shot and killed inside the police compound on Thursday as they sat down to eat lunch, NATO said in a statement. Other soldiers returned fire and the policeman was wounded and hospitalized.

I don’t think you have to be an anti-war hippie liberal to be getting tired of this crap.


  1. The last time you ran a similar story; I think I commented about our standing verbal orders to shoot any ANP recruits who turned around on the range firing line with a loaded weapon in their hands.

    As an adjunct to that………all of the training centers I worked as PSD out of……had written policies prohibiting all Afghani personnel below the rank of General (and their no doubt, reliable body guards) from carrying any loaded firearms in the camp. All other Afghani police or military personnel were relieved of their firearms and ammo at our gate. Beyond that, firearms and amunition return procedures were quite rigorous and strictly enforced. And……..I participated in a couple of “raids” on our ANP recruit barracks where we (security) covered the thorough personal and property searches with loaded weapons; with instructions to use all force necessary to stop any recruits trying to attack any coaliton personnel conducting the searches.

    ANP admissions in ’06-’07 consisted largely of two village elders testifying to camp training cadre (coalition and Afghani) the potential recruit was of sound mind and body and good character. In a country with no administrative infrastructure, records keeping, or formal identification system…….you can imagine how we actually knew absolutely jack **** about people being recruited. ****, if Osama had shaved his beard off and wore glasses, we probably would have recruited his ass.

    I admit I’ve been guilty of ASF bashing in previous posts (not apologising for it, as it was an accurate and true accounting of my experiences), and there are good Afghani personnel who try their best, to learn new ways and to do the right things…………but we are really pushing this boulder up a very steep hill as a cost I don’t think we shoulsd be paying.

  2. We may have held onto the fort for a while, but when we leave the Taliban will take over. It’s better to leave and stop wasting resources and lives. We have enough military power to strike any nation that harbors terrorists and their camps, though whether we will remains questionable.

    We could easily become more secure with better immigration policies and border protection. We should also devote a considerable chunk of what we now spend in Afghanistan and Iraq on alternative fuels research. I don’t know why that is not treated as a major defense item much like the Manhattan Project was during the 40s. Lessening our dependence on foreign oil should be a strategic objective as important as developing the A-bomb.

    Wasting our time trying to nation build in third world hellholes is asinine.

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