United apologizes for reusing 9/11 flight numbers

United spokesman Rahsaan Johnson says the airline regrets the recent use of flight numbers 93 and 175, and has acted to remove the numbers from the airline’s computer system.

Johnson says the flight numbers probably went back into use just in the past few days, and he attributes it to a technical error.


  1. That is like not having the number 13 in elevators. The world should not cater to superstition or heavy sentimentality in my opinion. Maybe it’s trying to be respectful, but c’mon. They’re just numbers.

  2. Frankly, I would rather see them in use. On the same routes. Excluding them seems too much like retiring a jersey for AQ.

  3. Probably has something to do with United’s taking over Continental airlines. I think they’re trying to merge computer details.

    PS: Continental, of course, denies they’re being taken over. They call it an equal merger. Yea, HAH!

  4. I can understand the distress about this issue. The sensitivity to 9/11 cannot be overstated. However, certain things just continue on. To eliminate a “number” because it references something tragic make no sense. If we follow this logic, we would have to eliminate just about every number that could be considered a date. Let’s never use the number 22 because JFK was assasinated on nov 22, 1963, maybe we shouldn’t use novemeber, or 1963? How far can this be carried before we say enough! It’s enough to remember this tradegy without drawing all kinds of associations to make the memory that much more hurtful.

  5. Flight numbers 93 and 175 are definitely memorable and historical number of US airline. People of the world can`t forget that moments, like Murdoc everybody should apologize.

  6. I don’t know but I think they’re right to apologize for using the numbers again. It was a tragic moment in history that no one will forget and reusing the same flight numbers can evoke very bad memories, especially for the families of the victims. Call me superstitious but I think it’s about respect too.

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