Planting the Flags

Did this last night with the Scouts:

We’ve done this the past six or seven years, I think, and it’s always nice to see so many people, especially the Scouts, taking time out on a weeknight to do a little something to show their appreciation for those who done more than take a little time out for America.

There was supposed to be a B-25 flyover, but it was cancelled due to weather. Major, major bummer. Murdoc loves the B-25.

One of the speakers talked about the Doolittle Raid (clearly planned before the B-25s were scrubbed), and Murdoc was surprised to learn that some of those he know had never heard of it.


  1. “Murdoc was surprised to learn that some of those he know had never heard of it.” (The Doolittle raid)

    Unfortunately, lots of historical events are relegated to the distant past by an educational system which emphasises the “here and now” and if it happened um-teen years ago it’s irrelevant.

    Then again the “raid” occurred almost 70-years ago. I’m coming up on the magic “3-score & 10 and i have an interest in 20th century military history. Todays youth are living (unfortunately sometimes) in a much wider sphere where conflicts are brushed over by the MSM and computers are used for games,communicating and sating the desire for “instant gratification”, where as books are the key to imprinting history in the brain’s storage area.

  2. That was nice of you guys to get out there and honor the vets!

    And my personal THANKS to all of you who’ve served, and/or are serving, and hang out here!

  3. Speaking of B-25’s, I just read this story about a guy who still shoots out of them.

    Shoots pictures, that is….

    Thought you might enjoy. There’s some good plane porn in the gallery there, with WWII birds toward the end.

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