Boy Scout saves Dad’s life

How 12-year-old West Michigan boy’s quick actions saved dad’s life

While his dad spray-painted a friend’s bedroom, 12-year-old Jordyn Tyler put finishing touches on the hallway.

Then, his dad started laughing uproariously.

“I said, ‘What’s so funny?’ He didn’t answer. So I asked him again, and he didn’t answer.”

With the bedroom sealed in protective plastic, the son hollered: “If you don’t answer, I’m going to kick the door open.”

Murdoc’s said it before and he’ll say it again: Boy Scouts is a great program and every boy should give it a try.

It prepares guys for a lot more than just camping in the woods.

He said he still can’t believe his son acted so fast.

“He knew exactly what to do,” Tyler said. “I don’t know how he even knew.”

Murdoc knows how.


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