Nothing happening in Iran. Well, besides the riots.

Why doesn’t American media report Iran news?

ACE, who I am apparently running a mutual appreciation society with, notes the basic lack of coverage of events in Iran. The demonstrations may or may not exist. If they do, they may or may not be anti-mullah. Who knows?

Why does Iran get so little coverage? Wouldn’t popular opposition to the mideaval government of a nation who is apparently trying to develop or acquire nuclear weapons be news to us? Shouldn’t we applaud the ongoing efforts of those who crave freedom and liberty?

Yes, I know all about US involvement in Iran’s chaotic past. Although I don’t condone much of what we and other Western nations have done, that was ‘then’ and this is ‘now’. Don’t try to tell me that since we’ve been wrong in the past we’re obliged to be wrong today. New management, and all that.

What if the pro-liberty factions in Iran don’t manage to make any headway. What if the US chooses or is forced to become much more directly involved in Iranian affairs in the near future? What if we launch or are pulled into an Iranian war of some sort? If that happens, will the same people who are currently making it a point to ignore the stories in Iran wonder why the US didn’t do more to head off the future crisis?

I’m reminded of last July, when Iranian demonstrations, government crack-downs, and the mysterious “kidnapping” of anti-government leaders failed to make the news. Check out this post, especially the cartoon. I’m also reminded that I predicted that the media would ignore the July events in Iran this year, too.

This is shameful.