Murdoc’s favorite fighter program on Strategy Page

F-22 versus the LCS (Mar 18, 2004 entry)

Strategy Page notes that the F22 fighter costs nearly as much as the Navy’s new Littoral Combat Ship. AS A SHIP! With a hundred-man crew! And while the LCS might not have a major role in the War on Terror (World War 4), it certainly will have more opportunities to contribute than the F22 will, even if the latter gets another $8,000,000,000 to adapt to the ground-attack role that the Air Force is trying to slap onto it.

Cancel the F22. Build more A-10s and upgrade the Apache and Kiowa helicopters with some of the fancy electronics developed for the recently-axed Comanche.

Build the weapons that will fight this war.


  1. Hey! You’re stepping on some GA pork there, M8urdoc! The F22 is being built in Marietta, just north of Atlanta. We need those jobs! I’m going to report you to John Kerry for trying to eliminate more jobs! 😉 Seriously though, while the F22 is one awesome airplane (at least if and when they get all the bugs out), it’s not really needed now and the cost per copy is now absurd. Many costly MIC (military-industrial-complex) projects appear designed to remain ahead in the Cold War. In my opinion, we now need systems which will optimize our ability to fight the War on Terrorists (and countries which harbor them).

  2. Oink! Oink! I agree that the F22 is incredible. And I can even see fielding a couple squadrons since we’ve got so much $$$ sunk into it already. I’m a little leery of ‘skipping’ a generation. But, as you say, this plane doesn’t currently have a mission. The stealth and other advanced features are pretty cool, but our current enemy’s anti-aircraft weapon of choice seems to be the RPG-7. We can buy a lot of body armor, up-armored humvees, and other ‘regular’ equipment that will benefit our troops and our mission more than the F22 will. It’s too bad, but I really think it needs to be killed. Two squadrons operating out of the same base (to save on overhead) at the most. I’d think more $$$ would be better spent developing an unmanned version of the F22, though. I don’t know that anyone wants it to die, but it seems to be the realistic view.

  3. Hey dudes-no offense, but I don’t think u guys r really lookin into the future. See, ya terrorism is pretty bad, I’m sure, but thats DEFINETLY not the big threat. Guys, start lookin at the future, if we miss even 1 generation, we WILL be screwed over. So often we’ve won ONLY because we’ve controlled the skies. I’d like to say, yes its important to have body armour and rearmour humvees and shit like that, but take the money from sumthin else. basically everythin navy in this world except carriers, don’t work anymore-too easy 2 sink, and carriers r gettin obsolete. however, i suggest u dudes take a look at the east. as a student at harvard, i’m doin a paper right now on the new world order-china is startin to look VERY friggin scary, and they r right on our ASSES, in EVERYTHIN, including af stuff. we need this plane, cuz in about 10 yrs, i’m thinkin, we’ll be fightin this massive beast. l8er dudes, give me a email to tell me wut u think, and my email is also my msn