Blix on O’Reilly

‘Disarming Iraq’: Hans Blix is not truthful about Saddam’s violations

Free Frank Warner has another good post on the history of Iraq’s defiance of UN resolutions.

Blix speculated on O’Reilly’s show that Saddam did not fully cooperate with the U.N. arms inspectors in late 2002 and early 2003 not because he had large amounts of illegal weapons, but either because he knew he was doomed or because he was too proud to let outsiders into such places as his palaces.

Blix explains in a round-about way that the invasion of Iraq was justified, regardless of the WMD factor. People like to pooh-pooh “technicalities” like that, but a long list of UN resolutions was either obstructed, circumvented, or ignored totally. I’m not apologizing for the bad WMD claims, I’m simply pointing out that the WMD threat was only a part of our justification and that there are many indisputable facts that support our action. Whatever people say one year later.