Kiwi LAV tows US Apache to safety

A New Zealand ALV tows a US Apache

A New Zealand ALV tows a US Apache


New Zealand soldiers in Afghanistan have been praised for their quick thinking and ingenuity after towing a disabled US helicopter to safety with a light armoured vehicle.

The US army Apache helicopter had to land in an exposed position in Bamyan last month after its engines were damaged by debris.

The NZ Provincial Reconstruction Team manufactured a tow bar and towed the helicopter into the safety of the Kiwi base.

The Apache was from the 101st Airborne Division.


    1. According to the article, that picture was taken inside the wire. So those sexy short-shorts are entirely appropriate.

      The article also says it was the 10th Mountain Division, so I won’t be able to use the witty “101St Sand-Borne” line I had worked up…..

        1. OK, that does clarify things. Thanks.

          But now I’m wondering why Murdoc reads the website of the global Filipino community.

          Is there something about your heritage you haven’t told us? (Not that there is anything wrong with that!)

          1. LOL! I just googled ‘new zealand apache 101st’ or something when first looking at the story.

            Thought it was the Philadelphia Star or something…

    1. The kiwi’s could use an Apache.

      The Aussies and Kiwis are just in it for the fun.
      Europeans are boring and speak funny languages, Americans are into adventure.
      Don’t forget 42 Aussies joined the CSS Shenandoah, to fight for the south.

  1. The Aussies and New Zelanders are the best battle friends the American military could have. Ferget about the Brits or even the ROKS. If you’re up against the Elephant call for the Antipodal lads.


    Cause they think like Americans and honestly like us. There’s probably a cultural mindset and kinship that was forged during WW-II when the Americans were the main blocking force that prevented the Japanese from over-running their countries.

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