Friday Linkzookery – 15 Jul 2011

Obama warns Cantor: ‘Don’t call my bluff’ in debt-ceiling talks
He doesn’t realize that you don’t tell you’re opponent that you’re bluffing when you’re bluffing.

Bush trumps Barack in the Arab world: President Obama is proving an embarrassing flop in the Middle East
Smart Diplomacy in action.

Brit Defence Secretary Fox: Some NATO partners ‘pathetic’
“The US will not always be there to bail them out and if they want an insurance policy they should think about paying the premium.”

U.S. recognizes rebels as Libyan government
The United States and other nations on Friday formally recognized Libya’s main opposition group as the country’s legitimate government until a new interim authority is created.

Massive Drone Strike Hits Qaida Cop Station in Yemen

AIM-9X achieves milestone C
AIM-9X Sidewinder Block II missile to begin low rate initial production.

100 Firefights, Three Weeks: Inside Afghanistan’s Most Insane Fight
The insurgents managed to negate the Marines’ night-vision gear, and rendered their traditional close-combat tactics useless.

U.S. May Pull Tactical Nukes Out of Europe
Probably not a bad idea.

U.S. May Delay Next Carrier
John F. Kennedy (CVN 79) may be pushed back two years. An alternative proposal calls for completely cutting CVN 80. What is this? The Royal Navy?

Over a Fifth of Navy Ships Aren’t Ready to Fight
What is this? The Royal Navy?

US Consumer Sentiment Falls To Lowest Level in Two Years

Chrysler Auto Workers Caught Smoking and Drinking During Lunch Breaks…Again
The Bailout in action.

Senators Question LCS Certifications
This program has pretty much turned into a joke.

Drone Copter Flops Half Its Missions; Navy Still Wants More
MQ-8B Fire Scout is not off to a great start.

Gun Contests for July
Over at

Cartwright: Budget cuts could force a return to the draft
Sounds like alarmist BS to Murdoc.

Hungary introduces ‘fat tax’ to boost nation’s health
Yeah, but it could never happen here. The government tries so hard to keep out of peoples’ lives.

The latest piece of nonsense from the Righthaven suits
Does Righthaven not $3,815 to pay this?

Blackhawk Xiphos NT Weapon Light
With pictures.

Russian Teenager Designs Electric Rifle
Says it outperforms sniper weapons. Doesn’t seem likely.


  1. Electric rifle? Nope. The capacitor tech is not there yet. It not hard to make a single shot railgun man portable that can nail watermelon at 20 feet. To beat a sniper rifle would take at least an ATV to carry it. What Is shown in the picture looks like a rifle covered in duct tape.

    As for the LCS I am really trying fathom just what the Navy is planning to do with those things? So far they look like 500 million dollar targets. Virtually defenseless, toothless with rusting and maintenance issues. Those mission modules that have not been caceled are late, over budget and are underperforming.
    Why? is the Navy sending it’s scarce funds down this rat hole? Was the DDX debacle not enough for them?

  2. Re: Fat Tax. meh, people buy cheap. Cheap equals whatever has gotten the biggest subsidies. I’d recommend instead to align agricultural subsidies with the recommendations of dietitians and nutritionists, rather than whatever Monsanto wants. Even just ending agricultural subsidies would help. Good luck with either.

  3. RE:John F. Kennedy (CVN 79)

    Is this guy always going to have a ship named for him? The last one was enough. There are other presidents and heroes more worthy of this honor. The same holds for Gerald Ford and GHW Bush. Who the heck is picking these names?

    1. I agree about all 3.

      And I’m from Ford’s hometown. A ship? Sure. But not a carrier.

      Same for JFK and GHW Bush. Of course, several other carriers could use different names, too.

      Saratoga, Lexington, Ranger, Hornet, et al, will not be carriers again.

      Pretty soon Enterprise won’t be, either.

      Yorktown and Independence already went to non-carriers. Others too, probably, that I can’t think of off the top of my head.

      1. Look at the current lineup of carriers.

        USS Nimitz (CVN-68) – Legit
        USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69) – Legit
        USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) – Not legit for a super carrier
        USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) – Legit
        USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) – Legit
        USS George Washington (CVN-73) – Legit of course!
        USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74) – Not legit for a super carrier
        USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75) – Not legit and I’m from MO.
        USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) – Legit
        USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77) – Not legit for a super carrier

        I like naming major capital ships after states, USS Missouri (BB-63), major battles (USS Saratoga CV-60)or giant historical figures like George Washington or some 5-star.

        Lowly one-term presidents and congressmen should get Arleigh Burke class destroyers at best.

        1. I pretty much agree with your ratings.

          I don’t mind seeing the states on subs (first boomers, now attack boats) since the end of the battlewagons.

          Of course, soon the Navy will be below 50 ships so the state plan is right out.

          That last sentence is sarcasm. Barely.

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