Friday Cat Blogging – 15 Jul 2011

Haven’t done a Catblogging entry for a while, so here’s one:

Iranian F-14 Tomcat

Iranian F-14 Tomcat

Not sure about when this happened. The photo seemsm to be making the rounds.


  1. Squadron commander: “If I told you once I’ve told you a thousand times, Ya gotta lower the gear before landing, Mohammud. No wonder were running out of spare parts.”

    Mohammud’s answer: Gee sir, I never had to do that with my camel, inslaAllah!

  2. Come to think of it- back in DS the Iraqi air force flew ~ 100 of their fighters to Iran to escape certain destruction.

    When TIME asked Rafsanjani about it, he answered that the pilots would be detained until hostilities with the coalition ceased, and as for the aircraft, they might consider selling them back to Iraq in the future.

    Wonder whatever became of those planes and pilots?

  3. Does anybody know what that thing is that looks like a red topped R2-D2 riding along behind the canopy?

      1. Oh wow, I can see that now. Makes me feel kind of dumb.

        For a while there I thought maybe Iran leap frogged us with some actual Star Wars technology!

        I just watched the original movie a couple weeks ago for the first time in years. So the thing with R2-D2 flying copilot on the X-fighter was fresh in my mind.

  4. When did they change the color scheme? I’ve always seen Iranian Tomcats in the desert camo scheme.

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