Focus, people! Focus!

The blogosphere is full of 9/11 investigation panel coverage, as would be expected. Big media is also full of it.*

One problem, though, is there seems to be a bit of a scorecard going, especially when you throw in the Richard Clarke hoopla, in an attempt to determine who’s more to blame for 9/11: Clinton or Bush.

Actually, aren’t the TERRORISTS mostly to blame?

I realize that asking that is going to get a lot of “Yeah, but have we asked ourselves why they hate us?” responses, but I stand by it.

I don’t think anyone is surprised by anything the 9/11 panel has “found” so far. The Clinton administration could have done more to combat al Qaeda. The Bush administration could have done more to follow up on leads. The CIA and the FBI could have pursued tips and sightings more vigorously.

Is anyone surprised by any of this? What were we expecting? Did anyone truly think that Bush (or anyone else) knew exactly what the bad guys planned and then stood idly by and let it happen? A lot of people wish that was the case, but they’re the nutcase fringe, in my humble opinion. Was anyone expecting a big conspiracy between Bush, the Jews, the oil companies, and the military-industrial complex to be uncovered? If such a conspiracy did, in fact, exist, it wouldn’t be uncovered by this sort of investigation, anyway.

The terrorist forces of extreme fundamental Islam are to blame for 9/11. And while I do think it’s worthwhile to find out what we could have done better, so many people are working hard to point fingers at Bush or Clinton and ignoring the real culprit.

UPDATE: Jeff Jarvis writes

What matters now is learning the lessons we can learn — and to that extent, the hearings are valuable — to protect us as best we can.
But I find the blame game going on now unseemly and divisive and unproductive and distracting and just a little bit tasteless.
I saw people die that day not because of anything we didn’t do but because of what a bunch of soulless murderers did do. Let’s never forget that.
It’s us against them, not us against us.

Exactly. (via Being American in TO)

* That wording was TOTALLY unintentional. Seriously. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.