Oh, Carp

Three Guys versus the Asian Carp

The Illinois River connects to Lake Michigan through a shipping canal, which is tenuously protected by electric shock barriers. What would happen when billions of Asian Carp break through into the Great Lakes is terrible to consider.

There was actually an Asian Carp Summit held at the White House last year where officials from the several Great Lakes states got together to voice concerns. Stern memos were drafted.

Surprisingly these had little impact.

The asian carp issue is a serious concern to those in the Great Lakes region. It’s only a matter of time.

Via Instapundit.


  1. Allow unrestricted market fishing for that species. Nets, electric shock, grenades anesthetics, whatever.

    Kill em all and make dog food out of them.

    If there is a market incentive to kill them, they will be killed.

    1. Michigan has some carp in it’s interior lakes…Kensington Metro Park and elsewhere around Detroit…they are large and “asian” not native…however they are not the Jumping Asian Carp that the Illinois folks have issues with…

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