UN Commission on Human Rights Condemns Israel for Killing Sheikh Yassin

Darren Kaplan points this nugget out, which is just another reason why the UN’s credibility is suffering (and I’m being generous).


  1. The UN lost its credibility many years ago. giving totalitarian and un democratic states the right to vote is rediculous. UN saga shows more than everything that money talks. Lot of western economy is depended on cheap products and labour exported from the deprived ‘third world’ states, and this phenomenon profits both sides’ elites, as we well observe. That leads both sides to act together against common ‘enemies’. The fact that Israel is ‘the enemy’ of Arabs, and more globaly, of the Muslim states, turned her to be less acounted by the Europeans, who want just to keep the good relations with the sources of money to work. And Israel is paying the due. (Comment: of course Israel is not the enemy of the Arabs. Its quite the opposit. But I wanted to picture the phenomenon from the ‘third world’ angle of view).