004 dk.eos.net.FtpError: Login incorrect

After switching my Blogger settings to publish to a new host that I’m trying out, I switched back but got this error message when I tried to publish to BlogSpot:

004 dk.eos.net.FtpError: Login incorrect

After an hour and a half of investigation and cursing, I gave up and e-mailed Blogger. Who knows if/when I’ll get a response. On a whim, I booted up another machine and tried from there. It worked. I came back to this machine, shut everything down, and tried again. It also worked.

Who the hell knows? If I get a meaningful response from Blogger I’ll post it so that someone else in the same boat can get some answers.

In any event, I’m investigating an alternative host and looking into making the switch to MovableType if it works out. We’ll see.

UPDATE: I did get a response from Blogger yesterday, but it only told me that it was now working. I was hoping for some info about what may have caused it, but no luck.


  1. Yep, same error, it suddenly started happening for me a few weeks ago, despite the fact that mine is a established blog, and I did not change any of my settings, provider, or anything else. I don’t use blogspot, and the target FTP server (my ISP) that my blog is published to has not changed in any way.. Interesting thing is that my blog itself -is- being published correctly. Therefore this is probably a ‘secondary’ FTP being used to copy my blog somewhere else.. This must be a message coming from Bloggers internal system, maybe an offsite archiving system (I’d suggest for data recovery, but lets face it, it’s probably advertising/revenue maximizing related..) Guess I’ll write Blogger a (plight) crap-o-gram 😉 Owen

  2. me too.. I changed nothing and it said the same thing to me. I know it is not us now. yeah! we all must be googling it….

  3. yeah, i just googled it. I was having the problem while using firefox (browser). In fact, blogger won’t save any changed settings i make while using firefox. :/ I switched to IE and was able to log in fine for a few weeks … until today, when I’m getting the same error described above. Mine isn’t posting correctly, so the error is accurate for me. :/

  4. Googled you too. Having the same probs with the 004 error message when I try to publish a post with blogger. I’ve been having difficulties for almost two straight weeks with blogger besides this; each time I attempt to tweak my template and republish, it deletes half of my html! Anyone else had this occur or anything similar in the past?

  5. I just signed up for blogger, set it up, and it gives me the same error. It’s strange that this error is shown first on October 20, 2003. Now it’s April 04. 🙁

  6. I was getting this error: 004 dk.eos.net.FtpError: Authentication failed, sorry And followed in mustafa’s footsteps. I was using firefox, switched to ie and wha la! It worked.

  7. well, that sucks. stupid blogger doesnt like firefox. thanks for posting this. googling you saved me 🙂 004 dk.eos.net.FtpError: Login incorrect. grumble grumble cheers!

  8. If it is an FF issue then hopefully we will soon see a solution as Google just took on two ex-Mozilla employees. Hopefully that will also mean the FF cache and Thunderbird files will become searchable in Google Desktop!

  9. someone along the thread got it right. google got me here. anyway, i just opened my firefox privacy panel and cleared my cookies and blogger worked just fine. Some problem with their servlet maybe

  10. I just got that exact error. My problem was that I post to my own URL. My webhost had reset my password a while ago, but I hadn’t changed the Blogger info to match that password. Did that and it all posted just fine.

  11. For the record, it’s mid-August 2005 and Blogger still has this bug. I get the error ‘004 dk.eos.net.FtpError: Login incorrect.’ every time I try to publish. This only started happening after I tried the FTP option, then switched back to the BlogSpot default setting. I’m going to follow the advice posted earlier in this thread. Thanks, everyone.

  12. I switched from publishing my blog on my own host to blogspot because for some mysterious reason Technorati can not find my blog – even though it is configured for ATOM etc, and has appropriate tags back to technorati. 004 dk.eos.net.FtpError So I am taking your advice to see what happens if I clear my cache and reboot. Using MSIE 6.x

  13. I found these comments on Google, and tried the suggestions. None worked, and then I realized I had caused the error. I had tried to publish my blogger blog to a new site, so had changed the FTP settings in blogger. I changed them back to blogger’s default which corrected the problem. Before giving up, make sure to check Settings > Publishing in your blogger control pannel. And if you have changed your settings, you may also need to delete your blogger.com cookies. Note: Blogger is fine with FireFox or IE; it’s just that it doesn’t seem to update the cookie when you change.

  14. The problem still exists. However, I doubt the cookies angle because I have several blogger blogs, and some of them work and some don’t. It is most vexing. I think WordPress is calling for those that don’t work!