101st Firing on Uday and Qusay

I happened across some pictures I hadn’t seen before of the 101st Airborne Division troopers firing TOWs at the building where Uday and Qusay were hiding last July.

101uday.gif 101explosion.gif

Don’t forget the pic featured on Strategy Page last summer of these same soldiers firing.

I linked to that picture in a later post on the Stryker where I noted that claims of the TOW missile not being a usable in an urban environment didn’t seem to hold water considering that they were already being fired from Humvees in an urban environment. A reader commented at the time

It is pretty obvious that the commander of that operation was going to bring up the TOWs and since they are not designedfor urban warfare, he pulled his troops back out of harm’s way. I can’t tell what that is on the ground but it is fragments of something. Good thing the troops weren’t there when those were made. Smart commander.

I didn’t really think much of it at the time, but upon seeing these pictures I realize what the fragments on the ground are. The ones that the smart commander pulled his troops back out of harms way for. They’re shell casings and links from a machine gun.

Clicking on the pics above will take you to a (much) larger version. If you look at the one of the TOW launch, you will see brass and links all over the hood of the Humvee in the foreground. Good thing that smart commander obviously pulled his troops back from that dangerous brass.

I think it’s safe to say that Stryker tires won’t be shredded when they fire a TOW, which is what the original discussion was about.

Also, the pic of the crowd watching the hit on the building has two gentlemen with black tight-fitting helmets in among the troopers. Are those maybe Special Forces? I seem to recall that they took part in the operation that netted Saddam’s sons. I thought they didn’t like their picture taken.


  1. Those guys in black helmets are from the Task Force 121 (or what it was called back then – the unit changes its number based on location). Two things – (1) because their back are to the camera, they might not know of the photographer behind them (lucky for him) and (2) their backs are to the camera and can’t be identified. So it’s no big deal. The commander is a smart commander because he didn’t waste American lives to get two vile scumbags. He just decided that he liked his bad guys done with the Extra Crispy Recipe…

  2. Well, I figured that this wasn’t endangering anything because their backs are to the camera, it’s from last summer, and I found the pic on a Pentagon website. Still, interesting. Thanks for the info, Blackfive. And that Extra Crispy Recipe? We’ll take two orders, please. To go.