Just wait until they put an SRM-6 or a PPC on that baby

James at Hell in a Handbasket notes that MadOgre notes Japan has built their first BattleMech. As James says:

They say it’s supposed to be used for rescue work. Yeah, sure. Rescue work!

And that “tank” the Brits were working on was to transport water.

UPDATE 05/18/2005: The news story’s link is gone, so I’m posting the pic from Hell in a Handbasket:

That’s gotta be a Warhammer prototype…


  1. Thanks for the link. Let’s be honest here. The whole thing might be a problem with translating from the original Japanese. The translator thought the Japanese said ‘The new robot, with it’s powerful claws, is a miracle for rescue work.’, when in reality they said ‘When you see this robot lurching towards you with those huge claws open, the only thing you’ll be thinking of is a miracle rescue!’ James