The Army will pay in force structure

Next Army Chief Isn’t So Cool With A Smaller Force

Back in January, then-Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced that the Army would get smaller as U.S. troops left Iraq and Afghanistan. Unsurprisingly, the Army’s next top officer isn’t particularly nuts about that idea – and hopes folks on Capitol Hill will reconsider.

What’s the worry? Why not just get more contractors?

Anyway, Murdoc is sure that when it comes to budget dollars, personnel will win out over high-cost programs.

And he’s feeling a bit sarcastic.


  1. Yeah, all that high speed and low drag super sophisticated weaponry really did a great job for the Germans against the world, didn’t it?

  2. Um it actually did, they just didn’t have the industrial base and manpower to see it through.

  3. Matthew,

    Your quite correct. Der Fuhrer made a couple of mistakes that cost Germany the war, despite have far superior weaponery. Most of his mistakes could be put down to emotional egotistical spasms rather than rational planning and heeding his Generals’ advice.

    1) He switched from military targets in England to bomb London because he was goaded into it by Churchill’s ordering the bombing of berlin. (Brilliant idea Winston)

    2) He invaded Russia believing his Wehrmacht could over-run the Ruskies before winter. (Bad move Adolph)

    3) He allied Germany with Italy. (Super bad idea Adolph)

    4) He declared war on the U.S. after Pearl Harbor. (Shouldn’t have, Adolph)

    5) He stiffled and cancelled the development of a long-range bomber (Dornier-19 & Heinker-343 4-engine jet powered bomber), the assault rifle (Sturmgewehr StG 44), cruise missiles (V-1), “jet” fighter aircraft (ME-262) and the A-Bomb because he wanted to believe he could rely on his current arsenal of good, but outmoded equipment and an unlimited number of Tutonic warriors.

    Unfortunately, time wasn’t on his side.

    Adolph, why didn’t you stall till 1950?


  4. Happy Hitler made all his mistakes.

    Imagine trying to win a war against him in 1950?

    Contractors would just suck more money from the government anyway.

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