Maybe it was a US spy drone…

Iran backtracks on report it downed U.S. ‘spy drone’

Now they’re saying that they didn’t shoot down a spying UAV over an enrichment plant:

“What caused the mistaken news was the firing, by the forces of the IRGC Air Force, at an aerial training enemy target in the general area of the Province of Qom,” the spokesman said.

In fact, he said it could not have happened since it is impossible for an American drone to penetrate Iran’s air space “due to the vigilance of the anti-aircraft forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

On Thursday, Murdoc said they probably shot down their own UAV by accident because no one over there ever seems to know what anyone else over there is doing. This confirms his suspicion.

Of course, now that they’re admitting a mistake, Murdoc wonders if they really did shoot down a spy drone. After all, they couldn’t very well admit that someone’s spy drone got through, could they?

Either way, I hope a spy drone got pictures of them doing it so we know for sure what happened. If it was theirs, our guys can have a good laugh. If it was ours, I hope a second one was on station as a back-up. Or maybe we sacrificed one to cover for the *real* drone.


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