Reports: Chinese fighters chased U.S. spy plane

Navy Times:

Two Chinese Su-27 fighters penetrated Taiwan’s airspace June 29 and were turned back by Taiwan Air Force fighters. The incident is believed to be the first serious Chinese fighter incursion into Taiwan airspace since 1999.

Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense confirmed the incursion in a news release on Monday, but would not verify local Chinese-language media reports that the Su-27s were chasing a U.S. surveillance aircraft.

The report claims it was a U-2 the fighters were pursuing, but others are skeptical. Could have been a different surveillance plane, though.


  1. Judging by the past actions of Chinese fighter jets they would probably have had an “accidental” mid-air collision with it.

  2. Chase in the context is a weird statement. I am not sure that a Su-27 at 60k feet can even stay in the air a 350-370 knots. Maybe the Su-27’s were circling far below the U2 but they most certainly were not chasing it.

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