Friday Linkzookery – 05 Aug 2011

Army announces switch to 9-month deployments
Applies to Division-level and lower deployments everywhere.

Hobbyists’ toy truck saves 6 soldiers’ lives in Afghanistan
It would have cost DARPA 1.3 bazillion dollars to develop one that is half as good.

Royal Navy warship HMS Liverpool comes under heavy fire
Rockets from Lybia missed but earned a response from the ship’s 4.5″ gun.

France to withdraw Libya carrier by mid-August
French warplanes will fly from Sicily instead.

Ron Paul Introduced Pro-gun Legislation
To abolish Federal “gun free zones.”

Pilots lose currency as F-22 grounding drags on
They’ve been grounded since May 3rd.

US suspends F-35 ground, air tests after device failure
F-15s, F-16s, F-18s still flying though.

FBI: ‘Credible Lead’ Surfaces in D.B. Cooper Case
But cautioned that investigators were not on the verge of breaking the case.

UAV likely shot down by pro-Gadhafi forces
Fire Scout lost in June was brought down by enemy fire, not mechanical or operator errors, says Navy.

Common PTSD drug not effective, study finds
Works no better than a placebo.

Naked Eye Sunspots
Murdoc was just asking if the sunspot activity had flared up again.

Texas drought exposes debris from shuttle Columbia
Lake Nacogdoches’ waters recede, revealing spherical fuel tank linked to fallen spaceship

Hanging of ‘Truck Nuts’ Grows into a Free Speech Debate
Though not obscene, Murdoc thinks those things say something about the vehicle’s driver. And it ain’t what the driver thinks it is.

Swedish Man Builds Nuclear Reactor in His Kitchen
Police in the western town of Angelholm were alerted when he contacted Sweden’s nuclear authority and asked if it was permitted for an individual to build a nuclear reactor in his home.

The coming hazard you haven’t heard about
New EPA regulations might have meant a week of widespread blackouts and brownouts in Texas.


  1. Open carry in PA.

    I’m not really sure why they do this, but what the hey. PA (except for Philly) is a “must issue” state for concealed carry. And the York county sheriff is extremely CC permit friendly. When thy rebuilt the county HQ about 10 years ago, they even added a special express lane counter just for CC permits & renewals.

    Last time I was there to renew, there was a cop from New Jersey who had just moved here to be a York city cop. He was in line to get a picture for his ID when he looked around in awe (more like fear) at how many people were there for CC permits. He asked the guy at the desk how many CC permits York County had issued, and the guy said “Around 60,000”.

    Not too bad for a population of 425,000.

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