Shoot it, sell it, or lose it

U.S. Weapons Now in Somali Terrorists’ Hands

David Axe:

Half of the U.S.-supplied weaponry that enables cash-strapped Ugandan and Burundian troops to fight Somalia’s al-Shabab terror group is winding up in al-Shabab’s hands.

The kicker: It’s the cash-strapped Ugandans who are selling the weapons to the insurgents.


  1. Maybe they should send in some special weaponry, like was deployed in the Nam.

    Well maybe the last suggestion is stretching it.

    * Crates of 7.62×39 rounds with the smokeless powder removed and replaced with several ounces of composition-B.

    * Crates of M26 frags with INSTANT detonation fuses.

    * Hundreds of DVD’s of the “BlackAdder” BBC sitcom.

  2. Black market selling (by ANP elements) of US supplied weapons was epidemic when I was working the STan the last time. That and/or removal of the weapons from police armories for hoarding by “whoever”. Is anyone vaguely shocked these dirt poor, no back ground check, no fucntioning ID system or records keeping third worlders in Uganda are hawking off much of the stuff we’ve supplied. The Third World–It’s How Business Is Done. LOL!

    United Nations=Institutionalised Welfare for the Third World

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