Disappoint Mints

Disappoint Mints:

President Barack Obama Disappoint Mints

President Barack Obama Disappoint Mints

Murdoc would have said this was a cheap political gimmick. Until they were pulled after Joe Armstrong (D-Knoxville) complained. Armstrong, who apparently is as thin-skinned as they come, whined and simpered that the mints were not “viewpoint neutral.”

The bookstore owner said that he had carried mints poking fun at George W. Bush during the previous administration. Joe ‘Crybaby’ Johnson didn’t seem to get his poor little feelings hurt by that version though.

Via Glenn Reynolds, who wrote:

They told me if I voted for John McCain, we’d see creepy censorship of political humor. And they were right!

UPDATE: The company that makes the mints fought back by producing Joe Armstrong Strong Arm Censored Mints.


  1. So now our disappointing Democrat representatives believe we don’t have a first amendment right? Time to vote them out!

    1. Thank you Scott! I was searching for a supplier on line and discovered that you had already done the research! Buying a bunch.

  2. The murder-fantasy art about George Bush was very neutral though, so nobody worried too much about that.

  3. I want these!!! Please let me know where I can get them?
    I have lots of people on my Christmas list!

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