‘It’s Vexing’

Falcon hypersonic vehicle test flight fails

The unmanned aircraft, dubbed Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle 2, was meant to test new technologies that could give the Pentagon the capability to deliver non-nuclear military strikes anywhere on the globe in less than an hour.

But the Falcon’s test flight ended prematurely and it plunged into the Pacific Ocean. It was the second and last scheduled flight for the Falcon program, which began in 2003 and cost taxpayers about $320 million. Both flights failed to go the distance.

Bummer. The HTV-2s were launched aboard Minotaur IV boosters, converted MX Missiles.


  1. Read another article on this; stated the test went fine except they lost telemetry with the test vehicle (and their ability to control it’s flight regime–same, same for the first test vehicle).

    I have written them a proposal to modify their test beds by putting the radio control unit on the inside of the vehicle (keeps burning off the vehicle at 12,500 mph) from now on. LOL!

  2. It’s really good cover to say that an experiment failed.

    Not saying that happened in this case.

    But you never know.

  3. Well for that kind of bread I really hope somebody learned something worthwhile along the way.

    Events like this remind me of “Superiority” by Arthur C Clarke- I’ve mentioned it on MO in the past. We’re building Spheres of Annihilation, Battle Analyzers and Exponential Field Generators while our enemies get by on what they already have.

    I’m not saying R&D is not worthwhile, but c’mon- “about $320 million” (so much they’re not sure) to even experiment with this capability? And what, to blow up pedophiliac goatherders with RPGs? To crater runways in f*cking Libya?


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