When’s the last time you saw polling about the prospect of an incumbent President even being the nominee?

Gallup finds that Obama’s overall approval rating is down to 39%, the lowest of his Presidency. My gut tells me that whatever the polls tell me his approval rating is publicly, it’s probably a bit worse. I’m sure internal polling at the White House has them in a panic.

The people who worked so hard to get this guy elected should be ashamed. The people who voted for him should be embarrassed.

Speaking of being ashamed and embarrassed, why don’t the Conservatives have someone who is a slam-dunk winner over Obama?


  1. Because he has an amazing campaign machine (he’s still campaigning), and because it’s all he knows how to do? Also because the republican party has forgotten what the word “conservative” means. Possibly also because they keep trying to run “mavericks” that are “middle of the road” kind of people.

  2. The Republicans believe the “Boy Scout” credo of play fair and see the 2012 Presidential election as a game. They are naive believers in the idea that if they play fair so will their opponents. Play fair and square, they’ll win just like the guys in the white hats always beat out the bad guys without blood being spilled.

    WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. That’s the American dream of the 1950’s.

    The Democrats see the election as a WAR against the establishment. Fight dirty and use every trick in the book is their plan and real life has proven over and over the guy who brings a gun instead of a Louisville slugger to a soft ball game will win and take home all the marbles.

  3. The problem isn’t they are playing fair. You can still fight hard, and fight well, while not stooping to the level of the dems and win. Reagan proved it. The problem is that the GOP “establishment” wants to keep power, instead of do the right thing. They are appeasers, and have no moral standard. Though I disagree with him on many things, at least Ron Paul is consistant and shows spine. The GOP elite though, want to run an appeasing middle of the road twit like McCain that will keep them in power and keep accruing power instead of a constitutionalist or “Tea Party” candidate that would shrink the federal government and their power base, despite what it might do to them politically.
    Right wing, Left wing, they’re both on the same bird if they are old school establishment…and its a vulture.

  4. Ron Paul is un-electable. And that is the nicest thing I can say about him and the Ronulan internet army.

    Palin would be the Republican landslide.

    And yes, the Republican establishment is afraid of her … the first thing she did as Governor was to start jailing republicans for corruption.

    Which is why they keep up with the niggling “she can’t win” crap, while praying she doesn’t get nominated.

    1. I like Gary Johnson a lot – but is he even trying? Or is the media ignoring him that effectively? Ron Paul ain’t it.

  5. Short Answer to Murdoc’s question. The upper party republican solution to the problem so far was to make the problem worse; apparantly they hope to make Obama look so bad as to be unre-electable, and thus put themselves in the driver seat of a car even further in the ditch. I am looking for a new vehicle.

  6. Those that worked for his election plus those who voted for him I do not fault. I do accuse the Press of abandoning their responsibility as the peoples champion granted special powers by the Constitution to question power. The press abandoned the people and jumped on the Obama Wagon. So a Pox on their House

  7. Coolhand77,

    With all due respect; the “Reagan Days” are over.

    14-year old kids, with their parent(s) permission then (1980’s) didn’t have full body tattoos and pierced body parts. American society has changed dramatically since then.

    “Fair and balanced” is only a FoxNews blurb.

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