The lead story on Yahoo is usually either stupid celebrity crap or stupid internet video that was funny three days ago crap, but this morning they got one right:

A family remembers: Hero of 9/11 gave life to save thousands

As tragic as the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, was, the sky-blue day still held unexpected miracles, and Richard “Rick” Rescorla was at the center of one of the greatest — the evacuation of financial-services behemoth Morgan Stanley.

Murdoc’s written a bit about Rick Rescorla’s actions that day before: He was a soldier once.

For those unfamiliar with the story, check out what was written at Mudville Gazette years before TV shows turned Rescorla into “the man who predicted 9/11.”

Also interesting to Murdoc, in my post from March, 2004, is the fact that I added a note about what I was referring to when I used the terms “9/11” and “World Trade Center.” There was at least one guy who kept playing dumb about that, saying that lots of stuff had happened on September 11ths throughout history (he liked to talk about Chile, in particular) and how the World Trade Center had lots of buildings and he was wondering if I could clarify which ones I meant. And this was only two and a half years after the attacks.

Takes all kinds, I guess. Unfortunately.


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