More Loans, debt, and oil money

Another Comment on “So it is about $$$”

A reader just dropped another comment on this issue:

Thank you for the heads up on this. The Top of your list, Evan Bayh is my senator. He’s got my vote for RE-Election! With Iraq’s national resources, they can quickly pay off any loan and does America really need anymore debt, I think Bush has given us enough to work on for many generations to come.

Although I do not at all agree with the idea that Iraq can (or should have to try to) “quickly pay off any loan,” I DO agree with the idea that she should support her Senator if he votes the way she wants him to. You’ll notice that I didn’t say “vote against them” for their stand in the Senate, I said “take their vote into consideration.” She has, and that is how our government is supposed to work.

UPDATE: Marine’s Girl, the blog of the reader who commented, posted and linked to me. As the 50,425th ranked blog, I’m always happy for a mention or a link. However, she noted that I’m a former Marine, which just plain isn’t true. I contacted her and pointed out that I’m just a guy with an opinion, and she posted a correction on her site. Not sure how that happened. Does anyone else think I’m a former Marine? Let me know if I’ve inadvertently misrepresented myself.


  1. I’m sorry, Murdoc! I must have gotten you mixed up with another blog I read today. I made the correction and of course kept your link as I feel it important not to close myself or my readers off to opposing viewpoints. You make a great contrast to me. 🙂 ***

  2. Amusing, really! Anyway, the more I think about this, the more two things bug me. 1. Why should all the nations that did nothing to help (and in France’s case, actively undermined) the people of Iraq and get Iraq’s money in the form of debt payoff and we are just funnelling money into the country, never seeing a dime again. Doesn’t seem right. On the other hand… 2. At what point does invading a country and then ‘billing’ them for their most valuable resource become PILLAGING? I mean, let’s imagine they had lots of valuable artwork instead of oil. We rebuild their country, bill them for a few planeloads of priceless art, and call it good, while they stand there with their mouths hanging open, watching the planes fly away, not really sure what has actually happened over the course of the last year? Can we morally require them to pay us for what we did? I’m not sure we can, but then again I don’t think France can morally collect on their debt, but it’s not gonna stop them… ***

  3. First of all, it’s probably only fair to point out that if Iraq had artwork instead of oil, the current issues might not exist. Note that I’m not saying we went in for the oil, but the presence of oil in that region is a major factor in what’s been going on there for the past few decades. But I agree that, while money for the red budget might be nice, we can’t morally ask Iraq to pay us back for what we did to them. And France, if it was really as interested in peace as it says it is, should forgive the debts in lieu of actual help. It would really be a form of reparation for what they’ve helped sustain in Iraq for years. They won’t, though, and that’s just another indication that they aren’t on our side at all. ***

  4. Two of the reasons why I support SOME loans instead of all grants…I don’t support ALL loans for moral reasons. 1) We should not have been in Iraq in the first place. 2) We quite simply can’t afford it anymore. We have people in our own country that aren’t being taken care of and the President has set a new record with the highest deficit ever. IF our own country was in better shape, say Pre-Bush standards then I’d support the reconstruction being in the form of all grants too. ***

  5. About France, we can only hope that they will forgive part or all of Iraq’s debt held by them. We can’t exactly force them by threatening with nukes if they don’t do the right thing. That’s the North Korean way. I’m enjoying this blog as even though I don’t agree with everything here, Murdoc and his readers are intelligent and mature enough to have stimulating discussions with. There is much that can be learned by a good conversation. Nothing to be learned by cursing or name calling. ***

  6. If the world were somehow to liberate N. Korea, and suddenly all the people in the cities and camps came out into the light, and started actually interacting with the world, would we expect them to pay all the credit card bills run up by their former dictator? I doubt it. That may be a little more ‘black and white’ than the situation in Iraq, but a lot of the same principles will apply. ***

  7. That was quite black and white but I see your point KTLA and can respect where you are coming from. Since Bush is threatening to veto anything containing loans then looks like he will get his way. It’s a difficult situation especially since the support for the troops was put in with the restoration bills too. ***