Murdoc didn’t intend to take any time off at all, let alone this lengthy span of near radio silence.

So here’s a tidbit:

Cuba legalizes general purchase and sale of cars

The new law will allow the sale of cars from all models and years, and it legalizes ownership of more than one car, although tax rates go up slightly.

This is a great move by Cuba. At this rate they’ll join the 20th century sometime around 2035.


  1. Glad to here Cubans will be able to buy something newer than a ’58 Chevy. However………… may be a bit early to make retirement plans for there. I’m still thinking someplace a bit less………..wellllll; commie like. Maybe Berkley in California. LOL!

  2. I got a 1980 Yugo Koral with a powerful 1-liter engine and only 20,000 miles on the odometer Castro might like.

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