Friday Linkzookery – 07 Oct 2011

Occupy’s pass steams Tea Party
Boston doesn’t care that Occupy Boston crowd hasn’t bothered with permits or anything.

‘Time to kill the wealthy,’ says fan of Occupy Wall Street
A lot of people are trying to convince me that the Occupy crowds are simply American fed up with bad times. Many of them are. But the leadership and backers of the movement are not at all interested in the American way.

The Absurdity of the Anti-Corporation Movement
The problem isn’t corporations, the problem is that we have a government that has its fingers in nearly every aspect of the economy.

K-MAX Cargo UAS to deploy, keeping trucks off the road
The Navy and Marine Corps recently announced its plan to deploy the service’s first ever cargo unmanned aircraft system to Afghanistan next month.

Early Retirement for a Nimitz Carrier?
Thinking about not re-fueling the USS George Washington in a few years plus retiring an air wing at the same time. What a crock.

U.S. Army Europe Brigade Could Move Sooner
Possibly before the planned-2015 move.

Navy to base 4 warships in Spain
Four ballistic-missile defense warships will be forward-deployed to Naval Station Rota, Spain, by 2015.

U.S. troops increase aid to Mexico in war against drug cartels
Northern Command has quietly escalated its role in Mexico in the past two years, sending veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts to train the elite marines and providing Black Hawk helicopters and surveillance drones, according to NPR.

Lockheed to offer F-35 work to Japan firms to win bid
Lockheed Martin (LMT.N) said on Thursday it will offer final assembly of the F-35 fighter to Japanese firms in a bid for a defense contract from Tokyo.

3 held after trying to enter Minn. Guard base
Warrant for one from Texas. The other 2 are from Honduras.

Report: US should place its bets on Navy, Air Force
Suggests that cutting ground forces and eliminating capability overlap between the services is the best way to go.

France bans ketchup in cafeterias
That’ll show them! Wait. What?

What if the NFL Was Run Like the Government School System?
Well, it would really suck, for one thing. But Murdoc homeschools.


  1. Sounds like a good idea to me J.M. Heinrichs,

    But the Navy (and Dept. of defense) would sooner eliminate the USMC.

    Unfortunately, I believe they have the political leverage to accomplish that mission.

    1. Turret crews; if the Navy could reintroduce real guns on naval vessel, the USMC could revive one of its traditional rales.

      Rum ration: the Marines would be charged with guarding the daily ration issue.


  2. “Occupy [insert US location name here]”
    These people are a laugh riot. They demand immediate, free money with no strings attached, and if they don’t get it, they’ll keep demanding it. That’s the Entitlement Generation for you…

    “K-MAX Cargo UAS to deploy, keeping trucks off the road”
    Resupply by air is an act of final desperation; recall airdrop fiascos of the Wehrmacht at Stalingrad, the Allies at Market Garden, the French at Dien Bien Phu and, the USMC at Khe Sanh — to say nothing of the BGM-109 Tomahawk, a “delivery drone” that delivered high explosives to a lot of places outside Iraq in 2003. To say nothing of how they’ll avoid being shot-down.
    And will they be able to fly fast and high enough to avoid being shot down by one man with a Lee-Enfield? How efficiently will they be able to react to an immediate threat, relative to a manned platform? Are they cost and/or payload effective for the effort? My past observations of the outcomes of past US military Technology Fetishes says no.

    “Early Retirement for a Nimitz Carrier?”
    I’m not surprised — the Nimitz class predates Disco, and the remaining Kitty Hawks are only being held together by the bird droppings on them (remember the state of the USS Rusbuc-* I mean, America?) On top of that, the Midways and Forrestals are all either scrap metal, museums, or about to be).
    Add to that the Rube Goldbergian Reactor Nightmare that is the soon-to-b-stricken Enterprise, all the US Navy will have for the rest of the decade is one or two new Ford class flattops, and the Nimitz class (1/3 of which are older than most western navies will keep a ship without selling or scrapping it).
    So in other words, we’re looking at an 8-carrier Navy, whilst the studies most-frequently-cited by the Navy say we need AT LEAST 12. That doesn’t even count Nimitzes or Fords that WILL be down for refits, repairs, or refuelling for several months on-end EVERY year.

    “Navy to base 4 warships in Spain”
    I’m sure the US military is overjoyed to have another base abroad to add to the 781 others it owns. All the more positions for Admirals and their pet officers to stay employed in (there are THREE for every ship in USN service, you know)!
    And we wonder why the US military is so expensive, when it has so very little for the cost…

  3. “U.S. troops increase aid to Mexico in war against drug cartels”
    The words “Mission Creep” come to mind.
    Example; remember Black Hawk Down? That was the ultimate result of an operation that started as a Humanitarian Relief effort.

    “Lockheed to offer F-35 work to Japan firms to win bid”
    Given the nature of the F-35 and the state of the program, that’s not so much a sweet deal as a cry for help.
    Tokyo would do well to remember how they were railroaded the LAST couple of times they opted out of indigenous designs in favor of locally-built knock-offs. The F-2A is a big enough fiasco as it is, but look at what they turned down in favor of the F-15;

    “Report: US should place its bets on Navy, Air Force”
    How about we do away with pensions and benefits instead? It’s not like any of them go to the personnel who fight;
    Yeah, that sucks, but going bankrupt sucks a whole lot more;

    “France bans ketchup in cafeterias”
    I would give you my thoughts on this issue, but I’m not sure I care.
    Still, I have to wonder — what will they put on their Freedom Fries? And more importantly, will they ever admit that the recipe originates from *Belgium*?

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