Protesting Drones

That’s a double-duty title, folks.

Air and Space Museum closed after guards mace anti-war protesters

When told they could not bring their protest signs into the museum, the crowd apparently got a little out of hand.

The group that arrived at the museum Saturday included individuals affiliated with the October 2011 Stop the Machine demonstration, which has been going on in the city’s Freedom Plaza and has an anti-war and anti-corporate greed message.

The group also included protesters affiliated with Occupy D.C., a group modeled on the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York City. Occupy D.C. has been holding marches and meetings in Washington’s McPherson Square.

They wanted to protest a museum. Though I believe that many of the protesters have got legit gripes about things and that many of them just want what’s right, the movement seems to be just a bunch of people running around doing what the queen bees tell them to.

What a bunch of jackasses.


  1. It’s been my experience in life that protesters, no matter what their gripe (left or right) are pretty much pissing away their time and energy. Unless it’s a true groundswell mass protest with deep roots in the populous, you might as well just write your congressman or woman for all the good it will do you. And I further think that most protesters know this in the back of their mind, and are more motivated by ideas of rebellion, sticking it to the man, etc. Which comes full circle as to why they don’t do much good.

    Want to get politician’s attention? Start fund raising for their competitor. Put your money where your mouth is, and time is money for the poor jobless types, so volunteer to go door to door or get petitions signed. Have a specific goal and work towards it through the political process. Assembling in a mass and basically complaining by being annoying and in the way will probably get you jack squat.

    1. Example: they are against drone strikes. Do they bring political pressure on the Executive or Legislative branches to enact restrictions or bans on it? Lawsuits to try to get the Legislative branch to stop it? No they go try to cause chaos at the air and space museum. This is why they might as well go pee into a stiff wind.

  2. Obama is not only ignoring these Socialst temper tantrums, but he (through Assmaggot Pelosi) is sanctioning them. These violent demonstrations take the heat off him and his failed attempts to cure the economy and rape the millionaires. Funny how the same Dumbocrats condemed the mostly peaceful “Tea Party” gatherings but their “down” with the slimy, unwashed, druggie hippies, greedy Unions and Socialist wannabes disrupting, damaging and violating to their heart’s content.

    If I were in charge, I’d give the order to “lock and Load”, fix bayonets and let loose with canister rounds. That’d clear out the scum, pronto. Cause, in reality, they’re gutless cowards.

    I’m not a millionaire. As a matter of fact I and my family are living on a small pension and my social security. But, Obama’s goal is to redistribute the wealth by playing Robin Hood. That’s just plain WRONG>

  3. I could be wrong, but apparently there was a right-wing agent-provocateur who added to the problem. via BoingBoing
    NOTE that this is a “preview” TinyURL which just shows the original URL; It’s so you know I am redirecting you to a Rick-Roll or some such. You actually have to click the “Proceed to this site” bit of text to get there.
    “At Fire Dog Lake and at American Spectator, evidence indicating that Patrick Howley, Assistant Editor of right-wing rag The American Spectator, acted as an agent provocateur at an anti-war protest outside the Air and Space Museum yesterday, leading to an incident in which a number of protesters were maced.” -boingboing (whom it should be noted is rather lefty but fun to read.)

    1. Wow. I hadn’t caught on to that tinyurl method. Sorry. Makes perfect sense.

      If true, that’s pretty pathetic of Howley. Though I have often written that so much of the Lefty method seems to be orchestrated by Karl Rove or someone…they can’t ALL be instigated by a.p.s, can they?

      Well, maybe they can, given the vastness of the RW Conspiracy…

      1. I believe that Howley is more of a non-internet (that case) troll. he’s just being a jerk. Plenty of those on both sides.

        IMO, for every successful conspiracy, there are ten that fail for one reason or another; and for every one of those, there are ten incidents which are wrongly attributed to such. Stupidity and/or singular corruption being the primary factors.

        There are Left and Right Wing conspiracies in America, but it’s mostly idiots in a ‘mosh pit’.

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