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Coast Guard member spit on near Occupy Boston tents

Because in about two days there will be claims that spitting on service members is a Right Wing urban legend.

An Occupy Boston “spokesman” claims that the spitters weren’t, of course, with Occupy Boston. Splitters.

The Occupy Boston crowd also disavows association with the “anarchists” who clashed with the police earlier in the week.

No word from the Popular Front. He was panhandling for cigarette money.

Weird that a movement that is so focused and organized has so much trouble with people who don’t want to play the same game.

It appears that, if the protests go through the end of the month, it will cost the city of Boston $2 million in police overtime. That’s really helping, folks. Thanks.

Anyway, once the faddish hope that college loans will be erased disappears, most of the kids will go back to class. That will leave mostly just the typical hippyish anarchist wannabes milling around and everyone else can get on with their lives.

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  1. I actually don’t doubt that the crazies aren’t the majority in that crowd, just that they happen to be totally at home in that kind of environment, which says as much as I need to know about the movement in general.

    “They” wanted Tea Partiers to be racists so badly they took the time to plant some (or am I imagining that?). All the anarchist, revolutionists, and military haters flock to their parties, and the most they can say is “eh, they’re not with us.”

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