Break Some Eggs

More and more lunatics seem to be coming out of the woodwork with the Occupy movement. When asked how things would work when many of “the rich” stopped producing after the Occupiers’ dreams of massive taxation was implemented:

They can’t refuse, its very simple. To get a truly peaceful and just society you must be wiling to #breaksomeeggs. I do not shy away from this. It might be painful for the first generation but their kids will fall in line in a hurry. It is the only way.

(Edited only to turn textalk into real writing.)

While many of the occupiers are just kids hoping to get their student loans erased, and others are people who really want to see an end to “corporate greed” and want to buy the world a Coke and blah blah blah, there is a small minority which is intent on socialism and the destruction of the American way of life at any cost. This small group seems to be the only one with any sort of real focus and they are the ones doing more and more of the talking. The vague and nebulous movement doesn’t really have much in the way of organization or leadership, and these revolutionaries are stepping in to fill the vacuum.

A lot of the protesters can go on and on about how guys like this are just fringe outliers, but as this drags on the fringe elements are getting more and more attention and pretty much wrecking any good that the movement hoped to stand for.

Whatever the majority of the protesters think they stand for, they need to shut these goons down fast if they want any hope of not being lumped in with the lunatics.

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  1. I sympathize with you about these folks, but unfortunately unless you can label them as ‘racists’ there is really nothing they can say that will effectively tarnish that movement. The worst thing one can be in America today is a racist. That is why the first move directed against anything from the right such as the GOP or Tea Party is to label them as racists. Being a socialist, communist, or overtly anti-American not only carries no weight like it once did, it actually gives one more credibility in that it proves they are not racists.

    Short of any violence directed against innocent bystanders, these guys are not going to be discredited.

  2. In the mean time, some protesters were arrested for…trying to close out their own CitiBank accounts.

    Murdoc, your last paragraph goes both ways. ie there are Loonys on the right too, and the Tea Party has long since sold out to them.

  3. Ive been in a student protest and the socialist left idiots took over
    and caused trouble which reflected badly on everyone. Its what
    they do , jerks.
    Once the kids run out of money for macas theyll
    get sick of it.

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