They just won’t go away

Madonna-Britney Billboard Pulled

A billboard for a radio station in Atlanta that showed the kiss between Madonna and Britney Spears has been pulled.

“We’ve gotten about 10 to 15 calls regarding the billboard, and they haven’t been very positive,” [director of marketing for Clear Channel Communications] Baker said. “They are expressing their desire that the billboard be removed, and we respect that.”

According to this MSNBC article

the text on the billboard may have been part of the problem: “Their music stinks,” read the sign, “but we’d do ’em.”

That “may have been part of the problem”? Gee, you think?

I’ve been unable to find a photo of the billboard.

UPDATE: In related news:


More Madonna news, but this is good news because it includes Britney Spears. E! reports that the two MTV Music Awards lip-lockers will team up for the video for Spears’ single Me Against the Music – but there’ll be no tonsil tickling for the two this go-round.

That doesn’t mean other tongues won’t wag. The video will feature scads of nearly dressed women kissing, E! says, and portray Mrs. Guy Ritchie as the queen of a sex club who tries to lure Spears into her den. A song will play during all this, we assume.

Yeah, but will anyone be listening?