You gotta love Madonna

You don’t? Really? Well, then I vote “I don’t.”

Madonna shoots from hip in new anti-war video

Madonna is going to have some sort of anti-war sentiment in her new music video. The troops should all be home by Easter.

The source says that Madonna and her dancers have been training with rifles, military style, and will “reenact battle scenes in a way that is meant to underscore the tragedy of war.”

“Madonna has very strong feelings about the war in Iraq,” says a source. “But last year, it was too controversial a thing to do — even for her. The climate has changed somewhat since then.”

Madonna’s spokeswoman says there will be “drill team choreography” in the tour — but denies that there’s any anti-war message.

Madonna and her dancers are going to reenact battle scenes. That should be some really good stuff.

Maybe this will work out better than that Clark thing.

You’ll notice that I’m not condemning her as a traitor or even questioning her patriotism. I’m not suggesting we ban her video or that we censor her in any way.

I don’t want to crush her dissent. I imagine that it’s going to collapse under its own weight.

UPDATE: Paul at All Agitprop has some pics of Madonna’s dance team. Well, sort of.