Dilbert e-Newsletter now in HTML format

It’s published irregularly but always full of good stuff.

Here’s a couple items from the new format e-mail newsletter that I received today:

TOLEDO, OH – Angered at years of paying an allowance to their 12-year-old son Teddy and receiving “almost nothing” in return, Jack and Doris Benjamin decided to sue. Jack explained, “We expected him to be cuter and maybe say the darndest things. We got zippo. Sometimes when my co-workers would be talking about how funny their kids were, I’d have to steer the conversation back to work-related topics so I wouldn’t be embarrassed.” Doris Benjamin summed it up this way: “Teddy just isn’t professional. We pay him and we expect him to provide some sort of entertainment. It was funny when his bike hit the pothole and he landed on his back in the poison ivy, but that was like one time in 12 years.”

I wonder if that will make it into The Stella Awards? Also:

GREENVILLE, NY – A Green County man claims to have disproved the widely assumed connection between gasoline consumption and global terrorism. “I did a little test,” said Burt Dunbar. “I pulled the TV up next to the window, facing out, so I could see CNN from the driveway. Then I put my Blazer on blocks and gunned the engine. There were some breaking news stories about buildings blowing up, but no more than usual. See what I’m saying?” [Emphasis mine]

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