Fallujah fight rages on, sort of

3 U.S. soldiers hurt in ambush near Fallujah

I’ve been too busy to post much, but I’ve been trying to at least keep an eye on the Fallujah situation. Three more US soldiers were hurt when their Humvee was hit with either a bomb or an RPG. Accounts vary.

I haven’t seen or heard anything about any US soldiers, Marines or otherwise, in Fallujah since before the attacks and mutilation of US civilians yesterday. Either we’re scared, or we’re getting ready for something big. My money’s on the latter.

In Baghdad, [Brig. Gen. Mark] Kimmitt vowed, “We will pacify that city.”

“We will be back in Fallujah” with a military response that will be “deliberate, it will be precise and it will be overwhelming,” he said. “We will not rush in to make things worse.”

Iraqi Interior Minister Nori al Badran also vowed to send forces into Fallujah, but he did not say when.

Residents vowed to repel U.S. forces if they raided the city.

“We will not let any foreigner enter Fallujah,” said Sameer Sami, 40. “Yesterday’s attack is proof of how much we hate the Americans.”

Another resident, Ahmed al-Dulaimi, 30, said, “We wish that they would try to enter Fallujah so we’d let hell break lose.”

Yesterday’s attack WAS proof of how much you hate Americans. Americans noticed. Try that with US Marines, Sam. Please.

ACE has a lot of good coverage of Fallujah. Bookmark him. Now. I’m getting tired of telling you.


  1. Either we’re scared, or we’re getting ready for something big. My money’s on the latter.’ My money’s on BOTH. However, if you’re able to deduce this, then certainly the Iraqi resistance has been able to, so it’s doubtful how much effect any new and improved counter-insurgency operation by the marines will have. I doubt the insurgents are just waiting around to get swooped up in a cordon-and-search operation.

  2. Try that with US Marines, Sam. Please.’ Just noticed how reminiscent this was of G.W.’s ‘bring it on’ remark. Well, boys, it’s been BROUGHT.

  3. Very good point, lamp. In Iraq, and especially in Fallujah, we are up against a very tenacious, tough enemy. They are not stupid, and they do not lack courage. Well, except the ones who attack Iraqi women and children. And the ones who attack other civilians standing in line for jobs. And those that attack US reconstruction civilians and mutilate their bodies. And the ones who pop off a couple of of rockets or mortar rounds before running off to hide. And the ones who recruit kids to plant roadside bombs. Smart, and not courageous because they are smart. Fallujuah will be a hot spot for months, and it will probably simmer for years. However, my money’s on the Marines.

  4. What’s been ‘brought’? I’ve seen some US reconstruction workers killed and mutilated. I’ve seen a couple of roadside bombs. Is that Bringing It On? Don’t you think the Marines might be able to Bring It a bit more On if they try?

  5. Lamp, you’re saying that killing 4 civilian contractors means it’s been ‘BROUGHT’ in response to our asking them to bring it? In fact, you use the same cowboy attitude yourself. ‘Well, boys, it’s been BROUGHT.’ Boys? Are you referring to the civilians in Iraq? Your statement and implication make little to no sense without a bit of an explanation of who you are directing the statement at, and who you think ‘it’ has been ‘BROUGHT’ to. But I’m looking forward to that.