Banned from McDonalds

Bacteria Fighting Mom Banned From McDonald’s

An Arizona mom who has been banned from eight McDonald’s restaurants because she kept swabbing their play areas in a search for bacteria says she won’t let it keep her from her anti-bacteria campaign.

Erin Carr-Jordan, a university professor specializing in adolescent development, received a hand-delivered letter from a lawyer on Monday listing eight McDonald’s locations where she is no longer welcome. “It doesn’t mean much to me personally,” Carr-Jordan told “I’ve gotten positive responses from parents who said, ‘Hey, I’m not banned, give me swabs!’”

Videos she took of general nastiness in some Playland areas got nationwide attention. She’s campaigning for state and federal regulations to require places keep their play areas clean.

Murdoc doesn’t think regulations should be needed. All we should need are a few people with cameras and few more people to help spread the word. It’s not like nasty play areas are defensible. Shame them into keeping them clean.


  1. Bubble boys, all. I want to go to her home and do a culture of her tooth brush. There are nasty bacteria everywhere, it doesn’t necessarily mean anything. If the playland conditions are clearly unsanitary, public pressure would I’m sure be plenty to get McDs to address it. There is no way they can turn the place completely sterile though, so I’m not sure how far this lady wants this to go.

  2. If she is not careful the only logical option would to close down the playgrounds. I’m sure she would shed no tears because she is another Woman on Crusade.

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